4 Feb

Monday Morning

I was informed sometime in the wee hours of the morning when Zach came to bed that the Ravens had won the Super Bowl! Hooray since that’s who I randomly picked to cheer for. I, of course, was in bed already. I did want to add that I enjoyed the oreo whispering commercial and especially the Amy Poehler Best Buy one!

Waffle. Maranatha PB. 100% maple syrup.


“Th-th-that’s all folks!” For breakfast anyway…



That’s it for breakfast photos as well because it was one of those unfortunate mornings where I was too lazy to use my tripod and didn’t realize how blurry the pictures were until I uploaded them… Whoops.

Time for yet another Monday. I’m hoping the kids will take it easy on me today because I didn’t sleep very well (blaming my nap yesterday) and spent the whole night trying to survive on a sinking ship in the ocean where I had to keep holding my breath to swim underwater for ridiculous periods of time- my biggest fear is drowning. It makes me panicky just thinking about it!!


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