2 Feb

Saturday Afternoon

I did it!!!! I ran the first 5K since before Hawaii (June16th?! I believe) that I ran the whole thing without walking/stopping!! With various things like my leg and being out of shape and not pushing myself I just haven’t been able to do the whole thing straight. January 12th was the closest to it when I ran 2, walked .1 and then ran 1 more and that took 34 minutes. Today I ran 3.1 in 31:34 (370 calories)- definitely still a slower time, but I am so proud of myself! It was starting to get tough early on at 1.5 miles and I knew that I didn’t have it in myself to do the whole thing, but I knew that God could enable me and give me the determination and it was all Him! Now that I know I can do it I have no excuses and I can start whittling away at my time again. 🙂 Make by 100byVday total 91.5/100!!! My running total is up to 15.5/200 miles to 2014 (I’ll always count the 5k as 3 miles).

Lunch was leftover brown rice and coconut tofu curry.




Now Zach and I are straightening the house, heading to the mall and then a fun evening ahead with friends!!


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