1 Feb

Friday Evening

I was pumped for turbo this evening! Zach got to go with me as well which is always more fun. 🙂 In turbo alone I burned 321 calories and covered a little over 2 miles. Along with this morning’s gazelle I am at 88.5/100 miles!

You know that dinner is going to be a winner when all the daycare parents picking up kids comment on how good the house smells. 🙂


They were right! Tonight was a makeover version of Baby Back Ribs from “Now Eat This.” At nap-time the onions and garlic cloves were chopped and the rib rack was trimmed of fat and prepped with sea salt and coarse pepper.

IMG_9286 IMG_9287

A sauce was made out of paprika, liquid smoke, ketchup and red wine vinegar and slathered onto the ribs then topped with onion and garlic.


Then the ribs went into a foil pack and were roasted at 425 degrees for half an hour then slowly baked at 275 for another hour.


Zach’s the rib person, not me, but I had to admit they smelled incredible. I was just waiting to see how they tasted. The rack of ribs made four servings, but Zach ate two and while I only had one…I loved it!!


They were soooo ridiculously tender, literally falling off the bone and the sauce was incredible. I think the liquid smoke was the magic ingredient! I made a side of mixed veggies seasoned with a dash of onion salt.

IMG_9292 IMG_9295

Normally baby back ribs are 990 calories for this sized portion ^ and you typically get at least double this amount if not triple. Tonight’s makeover version was only 330 calories and 17g of fat (compared to 68 before!!). Definitely another winner. 🙂 After dinner Zach took me on a little date and we went and got in the hot tub and read and  played some cards at Mom and Dad’s while they were gone. We are back home now for a little more fun! I am so looking forward to not setting an alarm tomorrow…


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