31 Jan

Thursday Morning

I liked the Hobbit even more the second time around!! Now I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can add it to my repertoire. 🙂 Dad and I shared a popcorn while we were there, but of course I don’t have a picture since that’s a little frowned upon. Although, there was only one other person in the theater besides us haha!

Time for the calorie burn of yesterday. It came out to… 2,601. So it was my highest yet and definitely more than normal, but not very close to 3,000! I think that must be pretty hard to do, but one of these days I’ll do it! I also think that losing 3 hours being sedentary in a theater hurt my chances. It was fun to do though and I like competing with myself. 🙂 My fitbit tells me I only woke up 4 times the whole night (that’s like nothing for me!) and got 98% sleep efficiency, I was so tired! I am still pretty tired this morning though and feel like I am fighting a cold (again?!). I am just really looking forward to Saturday to be able to catch up on sleep, uninterrupted, for the first time in a couple weekends!

My breakfast sure filled me up today!!

IMG_9259 IMG_9253

I made two slices of french toast- one was the heel (and last) piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread topped with a little cinnamon raisin PB.


The other slice was Genesis sesame topped with dark chocolate dreams. Both with maple syrup of course.

IMG_9257 IMG_9254

I think I prefer the dark chocolate dreams PB when having french toast, but the cinnamon raisin bread is most definitely the better choice over the sesame!!


Did my 30 minute booty call and am already dreaming of the weekend…


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