31 Jan

Thursday Evening

This morning was great. This afternoon was loooong. My kids were certifiably crazy and bouncing off the walls and I wished so much that it were spring and/or warm enough and dry enough to go outside!! This winter is starting to give us all cabin fever, that’s for sure and not the kind where I get to escape to Moondancer. 😉

The gym was a good remedy and I did 25 minutes on the arc trainer (1.5 miles and 112 calories). This afternoon I did a bunch of burpees and 25 minutes (counting it as 1 mile, though it was getting close to 1.5!) on the gazelle. Tack on this morning’s 1.5 and we get an updated 100byVday total of  85/100! 15 miles left to accomplish in 14 days…think I can do it? 😉

Thank goodness for crockpots! I love coming home and having a dinner ready for me!

IMG_9267 IMG_9272

The recipe for tonight’s Coconut Curried Tofu and Spinach came from my “Fitness” magazine this past month. Luckily I found the recipe to link up to! During nap-time I chopped garlic, red peppers, shiitake mushrooms and dried/cubed tofu. I added it into the crockpot with all the ingredients called for and set it on low for four hours. I also cooked brown rice on the stovetop. When we got home all I had to do was re-heat the rice and add the final ingredients to the crockpot to cook just 15 minutes longer and voila!

IMG_9265 IMG_9266 IMG_9271

I had high hopes for this meal because it was making my house smell INCREDIBLE.

IMG_9268 IMG_9269

The verdict was that it was amazing!! I added a little salt and pepper because it needed just a touch of seasoning, but after that…perfecto! Zach loved it as well and I would like to play around with switching up the spices in the base and adding different veggies. Possibly recreating the panang curry we love so well at Thai Smile? 🙂

This is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and breath all night. It was work to gym to get dinner ready to eating to the hospital (visiting Zach’s grandma) to shower to blow-drying my hair (which is a large chore) to finally sitting down and blogging. Zach is having a coaches meeting right now and I would like nothing more than to settle in with a book and go to bed early. I think I will do so now. 🙂

{Edited to add}

While reading I had the very last little bit of popcorn in my last teeny bag from Garrett’s!


I am now officially out of wonderful popcorn. Must venture to Chicago soon…


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