31 Jan

Wednesday Evening

Been pushing hard today! My afternoon shred workout burned 123 calories and was a .5 mile. Gazelle from the morning was 2.5 and then at the gym this evening I did another 2.5 in 30 minutes on the treadmill (255 calories). I ran for 1.5 and then walked the next mile at a steep incline. Mileage updates: 81/100 for 100byVday and 12.5/200 running miles to 2014!

Finally made my dinner tonight. 🙂


It was Chicken with Cherry Pineapple Sauce from one of my Taste of Home: Healthy Living magazines- love those things. I also love that I can always link up to them. This recipe was great partly because it had almost NO prep work! The only things I had to do ahead of time were chopping green onions and getting out all the ingredients/kitchen tools to fix it.


The chicken was simply browned with the seasonings, then cooked in the sauce and finally tossed with the pineapples and onion. That’s all there was to it!


One chicken breast with sauce = 238 calories. That is definitely something to smile about. Along with how great it tasted!

IMG_9252 IMG_9248

Broccoli/cauliflower mix cooked on the side and seasoned simply with S+P.


This dinner was amazing even though I had to eat it as I was running out the door to meet Dad to go see “The Hobbit”!! I am so looking forward to seeing it again since I was so sick and tired the first time and also because I know Dad will love it.


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