THE 3,000 GOAL

30 Jan

Wednesday Morning

During my booty call this morning I was thinking about two things. One was breakfast (which is a typical thing for me to think of 🙂 ). I had went to bed thinking I was going to have french toast in the morning and woke up wanting all savory and nothing sweet. Very unusual for me… I asked Zach what he was making since he normally eats something savory and he offered to fix me up breakfast as well!


This is a slice of Genesis toast, a thin smear of red pepper goat cheese, egg whites cooked with green peppers and a little fat-free cheddar cheese!

IMG_9233 IMG_9234

If anything can fuel my body to hit today’s burn (see below) it’s a breakfast like this! It tasted incredible too! Such a sweet husband. 🙂

IMG_9232 IMG_9235

The other thing on my mind was today’s level of activity. The past two days have been very ho-hum with exercise and I am in need of a good, hard workout day. I normally burn 2,100-2,300 calories on a good day and today I am setting a really steep goal for myself to burn 3,000 calories. I think the highest my burn has been was probably 2,450-ish and I am not sure what all it will take to burn that much but I will try my best. It’s going to be extra hard though because tonight at 7 I am seeing “The Hobbit” (!!!!) with my dad. I am super excited to see it again and looking forward to him seeing it for the first time but that means three hours of inactivity. Can I hit this 3,000 calorie burn? The answer is quite possibly NO (at least not today) but I am going to try to get as close as I can!!

The way I got a jump start on my excess burn was by doing the gazelle this morning not for 30 minutes, but for 48! I was pushing hard too and covered just over 2.5 miles!! A good start. 🙂


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