30 Jan

Tuesday Evening

Indiana has no clue what month it is. Today was up to 60+ degrees! Why couldn’t it have done that while Kori was here…? In the spirit of enjoying our nice, albeit odd weather, I went for a walk! Sadly I forgot to set an activity record and have no idea my distance covered. 😦 I can add 1.5 miles from this morning though, so 100byVday is up to 75.5/100.

Okay, I promise the dinner you were supposed to see tonight WILL be made tomorrow. Tonight was just a series of unfortunate events. First, I realized my chicken was still pretty frozen when I thought it would be thawed. I could have defrosted it, yes, but I don’t like doing anything that toughens my meat and the second unfortunate event was that I remembered it was one week ago that Spooky got hit and I suddenly didn’t feel like cooking. Third, Zach ended up having soccer tonight instead of on Thursday so he wasn’t even getting home until almost 8. So instead I just waited for him to get home and see what he brought from the store. I said pick something up but no fast food!


He brought me this healthy choice tortellini dish, which was good, but I know why it was so much lower in calories…cause there was hardly anything there! Haha, oh well, I wasn’t feeling super hungry anyway.

I AM cooking tomorrow, I already have stuffed prepped and everything. 🙂 I also have a fun date with my dad tomorrow!


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