28 Jan

Sunday Evening

Once Kori was done this evening she met Zach and I for a late dinner at Amazing Joes. Well, we were having dinner, she’d already eaten! I think my body was shutting down on me though, because this is what happened. For starters, I got a mango margarita for the last drink of the weekend:


Then I didn’t even have close to half of it, I just did not want it at all. Zach finished it off. Then even though I knew I should have been hungry since I hadn’t really eaten much today nothing sounded good. Everything I wanted was potato based, it was so weird. I wanted mashed potatoes or baked potatoes or potato soup… I finally decided on a cup of potato soup and potato skins.

IMG_9202 IMG_9203

The soup was small, but I still shared half with Zach. As for the potato skins, they sounded good for some reason and I knew they were going to be unhealthy, but I just didn’t know they were going to be THAT bad. They were just so ridiculously covered in cheese and I would not normally be one to complain about cheese. I ate one and a half of them and gave the rest to our friend Andre who showed up to hang out.

Apparently my body is saying no more junk! Which is fine by me. I am not having a drink again until Saturday and then not again until Valentine’s Day. It might sound strange, but I rather enjoy the self-imposed drinking hiatuses. Now it’s Kori’s very last evening here. :/ Luckily I get to see her again in less than a month! But more on that later…


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