27 Jan

Saturday Evening

This evening has been the most lovely definition of low key!! Some of our most fun times come when it’s just Kori, Zach and I hanging out together and tonight has been no exception. First off once Kori and I woke up from our nap on the couch 🙂 the three of us watched Big Bang Theory and ate leftover Chinese:


Lo mein, rice and kung pao chicken for me! With a little glass of muscadine spumante. After dinner we played hide and seek in the dark for a good long time and had such a blast! The highlights included accidentally hiding in the same spot as Zach trying not to crack up, being found within literally 10 seconds, Kori hiding on the floor of Zach’s closet buried under stuff for no less than 4 turns…

After that we taught Kori Banangrams and she promptly became obsessed with it as most people tend to do. 🙂 We played several rounds, then took loads of photos on photo booth. Next Kori’s friend Jen came by and played some games with us. We finished the night with a visit to see mom, having some pizza, building a huge blanket fort on the floor and all three falling asleep in it. 🙂 Another great night with Kori here, sad that tomorrow is her last day. Although my body is begging for some gym time and veggies. 😉


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