27 Jan

Saturday Afternoon

Kori and I got ready for our day…

IMG_9175 IMG_9176 IMG_9181

Snow angels still there 🙂


Then headed out into the middle of nowhere Indiana to see her friends! Kori’s GPS had us taking so many strange, country roads and we had no clue where we were and somehow we ended up at this place called Bison World! Haha!


We finally managed to find the house where her friends- Dani, Royden and their precious son Roysen are staying. They are missionaries to Haiti and are just here getting support from churches right now. I have heard about Dani for years so it was so nice to finally meet her in person!


They had us over for a lovely lunch:


Spinach salad with strawberries, pizza, avocado, potato salad and a great rice that Royden made us!

IMG_9186 IMG_9187

After lunch we did a lot of visiting and played some pool and I was so glad Kori got the chance to catch up with her old friend! Mid-afternoon we took our leave and came back to Muncie (a different way than we went out!) and had a much needed nap-time. 🙂


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