25 Jan

Thursday Evening

First off, today’s stats: low mileage because the only thing I have to count is the 1.5 from this morning’s gazelle. 100byVday total as of today: 71/100! Less than 30 to go!

As soon as I got off work this evening Zach and I rushed out the door to get to the airport in time to pick Kori up!!



So exciting to see her!!!

Dinner tonight was supposed to be the best sushi around here: Fusion Japanese. Sadly I just found out today that they are closed indefinitely! NO!! I hate when that happens with places I love. I really hope that they re-open when their building is remodeled or in a new location. The backup plan? First Wok. Between me, Kori and Zach we ordered enough food for a village…


We are going to have leftovers for days on end!!! Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in Kori and I’s Thursday night date and our horror movie (Rose Red) that I didn’t take any actual pictures of my plate, so these will have to do!

IMG_9056 IMG_9058

I had an egg roll, veggie lo mein, rice and kung pao chicken. I was stuffed full by the end! So glad to have our first in-person Thursday date in 6 months!!!! Tomorrow holds even more fun 🙂


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