24 Jan

Thursday Morning

Well I can already tell this morning that today will be an easier day. This in itself is sad in a way…you feel bad that you feel a little better, guilty at how life already begins to move on without your beloved pet. I want to remember and love him but I don’t want to be constantly sad and I know it’s an important part of healing to let yourself move on with life with those living (I know, it wasn’t like Spooky was a person, but he was still such a HUGE part of my everyday and my heart). So that is what we will do and thankfully we have pictures and memories of one of the best (if not the best) cats I’ve ever had.

I didn’t make breakfast this morning…because my husband did it for me! Zach is seriously so sweet and thoughtful and always puts me first, I don’t know a more kind-hearted man. (Though my daddy’s pretty up there 🙂 ). Anyway, what did I receive? you wonder.


Banana and dark chocolate chip whole wheat pancakes!!


We seriously never have pancakes unless Zach makes them, and when he makes them so good, why should I ever offer to do it? 😉 He also fixed me two slices of turkey bacon.

IMG_9044 IMG_9045


Two pancakes was too much for this girl! I normally would only eat one, but they are so good that I ate part of my second one too until proclaiming fullness and Zach ate the rest!

Did my 30 minutes on the gazelle and I’m very excited- today is the day Kori gets in!! I haven’t seen her in 6 months! I can’t believe that much time has already passed since I visited her in Georgia, but I am so ready for this weekend!!


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