23 Jan

Wednesday Morning

It is with a supremely heavy heart that I have to type this post this morning. My precious, black cat Spooky, the one of whom I just posted a picture on last night’s post, has died. He always tried to dart out of the house and often succeeded, last night being one of those times. It doesn’t take too long ever for him to make his way to the back door, begging to be let in. Last night he had not shown up yet when Zach arrived home looking terribly somber and told me there was a black cat in the road. There he was, right out in the street in front of our house. He wasn’t mangled or bloody and his body was still slightly warm despite the freezing temperatures, but he was gone. It breaks my heart that it was him. My most lovable, personable cat. My cat who was loved by most everyone and had a plethora of nicknames. Whose head would jerk up from a deep sleep just because of the click of a laser pointer and who was always hungry regardless of how much food was already in his food bowl. He was the best cuddler, always wanting to be in my lap- especially when I was trying to do something with my hands (namely blogging). He purred no matter what. Even if you picked him up against his will he would start purring. He was such a personality around here that missing him began from before I was fully awake because he is normally the one who wakes us up well before the alarm meowing outside our bedroom door to be let in. Today will be a long day of keenly noticing his absence and wishing fervently that he were still here. My little rescue cat who was starving at our church and lovingly begging everyone in the parking lot to take him home until one day I did. He’s just been the best cat we could have asked for, despite the escape artist in him, and he will be so terribly missed.

IMG_2221 IMG_2270 IMG_2333 IMG_2334 IMG_9884 IMG_3740 IMG_4592 IMG_6703 IMG_6707

IMG_3279 IMG_6957 IMG_8085 IMG_0249

Just for the record I am planning on still doing my booty call this morning, but I am not sure about breakfast. I really don’t feel like eating right now.


One Response to “SPOOKER-DOO”

  1. victoria January 23, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    We love spooky. Praying. Its sloop hard. Cosmo will take care of him.

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