23 Jan

Wednesday Evening

As the day wore on, I finally started feeling a little better. I still feel the lack of Spooky’s presence keenly and I feel terribly sad at the way it happened, but the overall fact that he’s gone is beginning to become a reality though it’s sometimes harder than others. This afternoon at nap-time I did another 30 minutes on the gazelle. All other at home workouts sounded terrible today but the gazelle was almost cathartic in it’s mindless going back and forth while watching a show on Hulu. So 3 gazelle miles added up today and then I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a fast pace with a slight incline for 1.89 (so 1.5) miles as well (199 calories). Now that’s 69.5/100 for 100byVday.

Tonight for Hillary’s birthday dinner she wanted to go to Johnny Carino’s for wine down Wednesday. I had a health plan in place that involved the following: two glasses of wine, no bread and ordering the healthiest thing off the menu. Well I did one better than that, I only had one glass of wine with a splash (prob. an ounce) more.


This happened to be a lunch portion of whole wheat spaghetti with spicy marinara sauce for only 355 calories. Had a little parmesan cheese added on top for fun.


Not only was it the lowest calorie dish, but it was also one of the lowest in sodium and fat as well. It had only 3g of fat while the rest of the dishes have over 50, 60, 70 and 80 grams…and that’s just lunch portions! I had a nice time with Hillary and I think that some time out of the house and having a glass of wine was a good thing to do. Now that I’m back home and by myself I am missing my kitty…

I am ready for a really deep night’s sleep and hoping that tomorrow is a little easier. Kori gets in from Georgia and we pick her up from the airport right after work and I am truly looking forward to seeing her. I don’t want her visit to be shadowed by the loss of my sweet cat.


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