18 Jan

Friday Morning

Hooray! The words I have been waiting to type all week. 🙂 Only working until 12 today and then my sub gets here and we take off! That means a lot to do before then though. Starting with an extra-long booty call. Since I will be in the car during what would normally be an afternoon workout and STILL be in the car during what would be my evening workout, I wanted a little extra push + mileage this morning. I did one hour on the gazelle and was HUN-gry by the time I was done!


A mix of cereals: Puffins cinnamon and Puffins chocolate + PB, Three Sisters cinnamon sugar and Three Sisters graham squares.

IMG_8687 IMG_8688

I used to eat cereal more often for breakfast than I do now. The cereal I buy isn’t bad per say for you, I make sure there are not chemically, artificial ingredients, but it’s just there isn’t that much about them that is good for you. There is not a ton of nutritional substance. Once in a while though it is a simple and yummy way to begin the day and so today, that’s what I had!


Now to count the hours until noon!


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