16 Jan

Wednesday Afternoon

You know what I remembered today? That I had a favorite recipes page. Ha! I know I started it quite some time ago and all it has had catalogued are oatmeal dishes! (Though one should never underestimate a good oatmeal dish 🙂 ) Today I got around to adding another category: Soups! Hopefully it won’t take more than a month again before I add more!

Whenever you haven’t seen an omelet in more than oh, say four days, it’s a pretty safe bet to say one is coming. 🙂

IMG_8624 IMG_8628

A lack of veggies on hand led to this being primarily a cheese (jalapeño + cheddar) omelet with a few sun-dried tomatoes and a little cilantro being added for color.

IMG_8629 IMG_8631

On the side I spooned out two nuggets of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut. I just can’t get enough of it and I missed my PB this morning!! They may not look that attractive on the plate, but they are one of the most amazing things to eat!

IMG_8630 IMG_8632



This afternoon I will be shredding with Jillian on L2. Level 2 is my personal hardest I think and both my legs and arms (especially shoulders still!) are a bit sore so I am going to use 5 lb. dumbbells as opposed to the 8’s I typically use. Onward Wednesday!

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