15 Jan

Tuesday Evening

This was a good day of mileage adding up! I got 3 miles from the two gazelle workouts, as well as 2 miles at the gym for a grand total of 5 today! This brings my #100byVday challenge to 45.75/100 miles. I did the treadmill for 23 minutes today (180 calories). I ran the first 1.5 and then slowly walked the last .5, my leg was bothering me a little tonight. This means I get to add 1.5 to my running total and am at 9.5/200 miles to 2014! Today has been a really productive one apparently seeing as I am already over 2,200 calories burned for the day and a lot of times I am just around 2,000 at this time!

“Now Eat This” provided the recipe for tonight’s makeover broccoli and cheese soup.


This was a pretty simple and light recipe for a soup that is one of our favorite picks! At nap time I chopped broccoli, garlic and onions that were all sautéed in a dutch oven once I got home from the gym. Next I poured in 1 1/2 cups of low-sodium chicken broth and boiled it until it reduced by half. I whisked together a TBS of cornstarch and a cup of unsweetened almond milk and slowly stirred it into the soup until thickened. Seasoned with salt and then poured half of it into the blender to puree.


*When you pour something hot into a blender- LET IT COOL some before covering and blending. Otherwise…well…you just try it and see.*

I transferred the puree back to the dutch oven and added 1/2 C of greek yogurt and 2 TBS of parmesan cheese, seasoned with pepper and bit of sea salt and it was ready for eating!

IMG_8606 IMG_8608

We each made up our own “sandwiches” to go on the side. Zach’s was some gooey, cheesy, eggy concoction and mine was an open-faced PB + honey on Genesis sesame.

IMG_8607 IMG_8611

Don’t eat the soup expecting it to taste like Panera’s broccoli and cheddar (guilty pleasure soup) but otherwise it was great! Definitely healthier and much lower in sodium as well. The stats for this were 570 cal and 34 g of fat originally and just 114 calories and 5g of fat! In my giant mug was about a serving and a half. I have been playing around with using lamps as stand-ins for light boxes lately to shoot these indoor, winter evening shots. Wanna see my current method?


Seems to work pretty well. 🙂 Finally it’s time to sit and relax. Zach is ridiculously sore and worn out from roofing all day long the past two days (and still more to do yet) and I am feeling the effects of my workouts. Sounds like we need to spend the weekend relaxing in a cabin with a hot tub or something… 😉

{Edited to add}

Had a very small (this tiny bowl is only half full) of popcorn with one PB dark chocolate pretzel bite for a snack while we watched Chopped.


This popcorn is also from Garrett’s in Chicago. Vicki gave me a small bag of it at Christmas and it is a caramel toffee and nut mix. It’s good, but that other mix still reigns supreme!


One Response to “A LAMP FOR A LIGHT BOX”

  1. Sheli January 16, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    So not really cheesy? Sounds good Jordan, I think I’ll try it!

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