14 Jan

Monday Morning

Man was I out like a rock last night!! It was one of those sleeps where when the alarm goes off you aren’t sure where you are, what time it is or what day it is. I know I was most likely about to wake up though because I was dreaming like crazy. I was having daycare “nightmares.” That sounds silly, but they are terrifying! They usually feature me not waking up and kids and parents showing up at my house or me leaving the house WHILE kids are here to go shopping or something or the kids not laying down for nap-time and being so absolutely out of control that I am losing my mind. That may not scare some people, but trust me…nightmares! I used to having waitressing nightmares all the time when I worked at IHOP in college.

Gazelled for 30 minutes today to kick off the week and then had breakfast!


Yet another Whole Foods purchase I was excited to pick back up were my Nature’s Path maple & cinnamon waffles. I toasted one and ate it plain with maple syrup. Since it didn’t even have PB on it, I opted out of the fork and just tore it apart and ate it in pieces. 🙂

IMG_8539 IMG_8538

I also had a pear and a baby spoon of Justin’s hazelnut butter. I am just so happy to have that particular product back!

IMG_8541 IMG_8537

Our beautiful 60+ weather of Saturday is gone long gone and it is in the low 20’s! Indiana- you’re crazy. This is one of the many times that I am thankful to work from home and not have to start my car or go anywhere. Poor Zach is spending his day roofing. 😦 Such a hard worker I married!


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