1.62 = 1.5

11 Jan

Friday Morning

All over my Facebook people are talking about the weather and how it is fresh and warmer and feels like spring with the rain that melted all the snow and there is a beautiful sunrise and I just wish I could get outside and go for a run! Instead, being relegated to the indoors, what else did I do but 30 minutes on the gazelle?! Just so you know, thirty minutes on the gazelle equals 1.5 miles always towards the 100byVday challenge. It often goes a bit over (like 1.62 today) but because I hate math and dealing with odd numbers I just chalk it up to 1.5. I always make sure it at least gets that high though, it’s never less.

When contemplating what to make this morning I suddenly remembered something I hadn’t made in quite some time…


French toast! French toast with maple syrup and a side of grapes.

IMG_8473 IMG_8475

I took a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, steeped it in egg whites until they were soaked up, cooked it on the stovetop and slathered on some of Spread’s mint chocolate peanut butter.

IMG_8474 IMG_8476

A delectable breakfast to kick off my Friday.

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