10 Jan

Thursday Morning

Watching the Pretty Little Liar’s premiere while doing my booty call on the gazelle in a dark house early in the morning is creepy. I don’t advise it. Unless you like the feeling that someone is watching you from behind… The movie was good last night but that meant I got home and to bed a little later than usual and didn’t get as much sleep as I like. Despite that I feel good today and ready to workout after yesterday’s rest!!

Made a double batch of oatmeal this morning so Zach could have some too! To double the recipe I cooked 2/3 C of rolled oats with 1 C unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C water, one whole frozen banana and salt.


Once cooked I put in a TBS of Maranatha PB (the last of it!!!), flaxseed, cinnamon and vanilla. Zach’s oatmeal went into a bowl with dark chocolate dreams, golden raisins and a dark chocolate pretzel bite. My oatmeal went into…and empty Maranatha jar!!


My toppings were a baby spoon of dark chocolate dreams and the very end of my sweet and salty snack mix that was purchased at the farmer’s market oh-so-long ago. Can’t wait for spring to stock back up!

IMG_8456 IMG_8459

Maranatha jars make for the best oatmeal-in-a-jar because it’s glass and I can put the oatmeal in piping hot as opposed to the plastic containers when I have to eat my oatmeal lukewarm.

IMG_8460 IMG_8455

Make good choices for YOU and YOUR body today! Only you have the power to destroy your body by treating it poorly or build it up strong and healthy by doing what’s best for it.


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