9 Jan

Wednesday Evening

I ALMOST laced up my shoes and headed out for a run after work tonight, but I forced myself not to. It’s nice though to be forcing myself not to run instead of making myself do it. Instead after work I got started on dinner for Hillary and I. I made a healthy chicken parmigiana from “Now Eat This.”


I pounded chicken breasts thin, seasoned them with S+P and cooked them stovetop for just a minute per side. Then I spread a cup of spicy marinara in a baking dish and put the chicken on top. Layers were as follows: another cup of marinara, 1/2 C chopped basil, 1C fat-free mozzarella cheese and 1.5 oz. parmigiano reggiano.


This baked in the oven for 10 minutes and I steamed some broccoli and seasoned it with Shoups. When the chicken came out I topped it with 1/4 C more basil and 1/2 cup whole wheat bread crumbs!


It was proclaimed awesome by both Hillary and myself and I would most definitely make it again! The before stats were 1,090 and 43g fat; after was just 332 calories and 9g fat! I love this cookbook so much for making over unhealthy recipes. 🙂



I got to open my belated birthday/Christmas gifts from Hillary (haha) and got some adorable clothes and an IOU for a pedi with her. 🙂 Now we’re off to the movies!


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