8 Jan

Tuesday Evening

Only 10 more days until our cabin trip!! So excited! Can’t wait for you all to see what the cabin looks like! 🙂

Tonight at the gym I did 30 minutes (158 calories) on the arc trainer. With my arc trainer and gazelle workouts combined I did 3.5 miles today bringing my #100byVday challenge to 24/100 miles! Remember, these are not just running miles but cardio miles in general. Just 76 miles to go until Valentine’s Day!

“Way to Cook Vegetarian” gets the credit for tonight’s amazing supper!


Roasted Vegetable Deep Dish Pizza! I started out by making the crust in my food processor. The crust was made with 3.6 oz whole wheat flour, 3.4 oz. ap flour, one package of quick rise yeast, salt, sugar (all processed together) then warm water + olive oil were poured into the mix and it was processed until the dough formed a ball.


While the now sprayed-with-oil dough sat on the counter to rest and rise, a pan of mushrooms, green peppers and red onions seasoned with Italian seasoning roasted in the oven.


When the veggies were done and the dough raised, I rolled out the dough and lined it in a pan.


In went 2 oz. of fat-free mozzarella cheese:


Next was a cup of spicy marinara:


Throw in the veggies plus chopped plum tomatoes:


Add 6 more oz. of cheese…


…and bake until cooked and bubbly!


It said that this was supposed to be 6 servings, but those would be some HUGE servings! Here is my piece:

IMG_8431 IMG_8432

The cookbook says that each serving is 332 calories, although this was less than that since it was a smaller piece! Very good, especially the crust! Now time to cuddle up with Zach and watch Big Bang Theory!

{Edited to add}

Popcorn accompanied Big Bang!


Sadly this was the VERY LAST of my cheese and caramel mix from Garrett’s in Chicago! 😦


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