7 Jan

Monday Afternoon

I don’t know about you but my first half of Monday has flown by! It’s been a busy, but productive day so far. I am sick of looking at a calculator number crunching though!! Since I have a daycare my taxes are complicated and it involves lots and lots of adding. Adding grocery bills for a whole year, supply bills, payments per child, all the household bills, checking and double checking, etc etc. Lunch was a welcome break!


This omelet was nothing but cheesy! With a little bit of fresh bacon bits thrown in for good measure. 🙂

IMG_8396 IMG_8395

Egg whites + pepper + Alaea salt + feta + cheddar + bacon bits was the recipe for success. I needed it too because my energy was starting to flag!

IMG_8397 IMG_8398

Now I will return to my number crunching with a break here in a bit to do some more time on the gazelle! I haven’t decided how many minutes I am going to do but of course I shall let you know in this evening’s post. Carry on!


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