5 Jan

Saturday Evening

When Zach and I got home from lunch today I was totally ready to take down Christmas. Zach stretched out on the couch, said “come snuggle”, I went and cuddled for a few minutes, opened my eyes…and two hours had passed!! I didn’t even feel that tired and Zach NEVER naps so I have no idea what was up with that but I must say that it was refreshing. 🙂 Once we got up we really did take down Christmas. It was a big job for sure though it’s never as hard to take down as it is to put up.

I was going to fix dinner tonight but since we had the unplanned nap I ran out of time because we were meeting friends at 7:30. Luckily we happened to be meeting them at a restaurant so we could get food there. We had a party of 9 people and were told it was going to be an hour and half wait but thankfully it ended up only being 15 minutes- we really lucked out! We were there to watch the Packers game (which I couldn’t care less about) and hang out. I had done some recon on the menu before we went so I was prepared with my order! I got grilled chicken buffalitos with a side salad.


I got the buffalitos (380 calories) without sour cream so they were actually a little less than that and I ordered the salad without croutons or cheese and got fat-free ranch on the side and just used a bit of that. I love being prepared and making the better choice. 🙂 Now all the friends are here at our house for the last quarter of the game!


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