4 Jan

Friday Morning

I most definitely feel better this morning. Must have something to do with that good night of sleep I had (according to both me AND my FitBit :)). This means my 30 minutes on the gazelle felt great and I was ready for a hearty breakfast!


Oatmeal kind of day today. Started with the usual: 1/3 C rolled oats + 1/4 C water + 1/2 C unsweetened almond milk + 1/2 slice banana + salt.


Additions at the end were the other half of the banana, cinnamon, vanilla, 1 tsp. PB and flaxseed. Then my favorite part, toppings! Today’s toppings were completely complements of Heather and John! For Christmas two of the things that they gave me were packets of PB & Co’s dark chocolate dreams and a bag of dark chocolate peanut butter pretzels from Harry and Davids.


I squirted a little of the Dark Chocolate Dreams on the oatmeal and added one pretzel bite for fun.

IMG_8345 IMG_8342



It is so nice to have Dark Chocolate Dreams back- I have been out of that as well as my chocolate hazelnut butter for quite awhile and my mouth missed the nutty chocolatiness! On a normal week this would only be Wednesday, but it’s actually Friday!! Hooray for yet another short week 🙂


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