4 Jan

Friday Evening

Whoo! Turbo was awesome!!! It was a way higher calorie burn than I expected too! 45 minutes of turbo = 322 calories! This afternoon I burned 140 during my Shred. This has been a great workout day and my calorie burn for the day is already well over 2,000 (at 6:15pm) when some days it’s difficult to even REACH 2,000! Also between this morning’s gazelle, this afternoon’s Shred and this evening’s Turbo Kick I have covered 5 miles!! (Not counting the few more miles just from step tracking!) I have now done 12.5/100 for the #100byVDay Tone It Up challenge!

Tonight it was finally time to get back into the supper cooking routine. My refrigerator finally has food again and some meals are planned out. For this evening: Feta Shrimp Tacos.


Zach actually picked this out and it was a good choice! Man did it feel awesome to cook again. Though this didn’t require too much cooking, just making up the home-made slaw, sautéing the shrimp and seasoning and packing it in the tacos with feta.



Healthy, totally delicious, my ideal meal. 🙂

IMG_8355 IMG_8358

Unfortunately I got FULL after one and a half tacos and wasn’t able to eat the rest. Fortunately that means there is still half a delectable taco waiting to be eaten later!!


After dinner Zach and I headed to my parents which turned out to be a total fail. First off I was taking memory cards to Mom so she could upload photos but she wasn’t there! Secondly I was supposed to pick up some papers but I couldn’t find them! Third (and perhaps worst) we got in the hot tub expecting to be nice and toasty outside on this freezing cold night but the hot tub was only at 94!! 94 may sound warm, but trust me- when it is 20 degrees outside 94 is a chilly bath. We probably stayed in 7 minutes at best. I’m not sure why it was so chilly but that needs fixed!

No worries, we came home to find other fun things to do. 🙂 Looking forward to my weekend, but not looking forward so much to CPR training in the morning… Alas I must do my daycare teacher duty and get it renewed. See you tomorrow!

{Edited to add}

Had a tiny bowl of that awesome Garrett’s popcorn tonight!


Here is a representative of the bowl’s size since I know that it can be hard to tell.



One Response to “FETA MAKES IT BETTA”

  1. Amanda January 5, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    Those tacos look yummy. I might steal this idea 🙂 Also, good job on 12 miles so far! I am only at 6.09.

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