4 Jan

Friday Afternoon

Lately on my twitter feed and Facebook and the Tone It Up community I have been noticing the hashtag #100byVday and was curious. What I discovered from the Tone It Up blog is that there is a challenge going on for Tone It Up girls (and any guys!) to reach 100 miles by Valentine’s Day either through walking/running/cycling/elliptical(ing?) and any other form of exercise. I ALWAYS love a good challenge but was sad when I realized we are now four days into January and I hadn’t been tracking my workout mileage. Then I remembered- I have a FitBit that does that for me!!! I was able to go back through the first three days of January and find out my distance! I factored out the distance taken into account just from daily steps (though that WOULD count as walking) and added up my mileage from all the exercise- New Year’s Eve dancing (after midnight), all the gazelle times and gym workouts and am at 7.5 miles so far! This is not counting anything today. So 7.5/100 down, 92.5 to go!

Lunch was a delicious combination today.


Leftover broccoli with pimientos and pine nuts and a hard-boiled egg all on a lovely plate and placemat from my mother!

IMG_8347 IMG_8348

You can’t tell from a picture but my oh my is it COLD out there! I was taking my pictures as fast as possible so that I could run back in before my broccoli cooled off and my egg froze!

IMG_8349 IMG_8350

Now it’s time for an afternoon workout- Shred with Jillian level 3. I am thankful to feel good enough to want to do a workout and I am really looking forward to turbo tonight! Although, I am pretty sure it will be a whole new round of turbo that I will not be familiar with, but it is always entertaining to learn new moves. 🙂


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