3 Jan

Thursday Evening

Well this evening has been the epitome of low key. Once I got off work I picked up a book and promptly took a short nap. Zach, knowing I didn’t feel well (and I assume upon sensing that dinner wasn’t being prepared anytime soon 😉 ), took it upon himself to fix us some supper!


Cheesy spaghetti, an easy favorite around here. 🙂 It was very nice of him because if it had been left up to me I probably would have been eating crackers or something else easily accessible. Now we have been/and are watching the extra-extended version of Avatar, such a great movie.  I have felt a little better since my brief nap and supper so I am hoping that continues tomorrow because I have an opportunity for the first time in ages to do turbo kick in the evening!

Oh, one last thing – it completely spaced my mind this morning but I DID do a booty call (though that’s the only formal exercise I got in today…). I did my 30 minutes and my FitBit said 137 calories exactly like yesterday so I suppose that is the average calorie burn I can expect from the booty call. Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep!


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