2 Jan

Wednesday Afternoon

I’m almost back to having a full class of kids again! It’s always strange when I go back to teaching after New Year’s knowing that there are no breaks again until Memorial Day weekend at the end of MAY. There really ought to be some holiday in the middle of March to tide us over…

Lunch today was some of the broccoli that I had made for our Twibell Christmas on Sunday and chips with salsa.

IMG_8319 IMG_8320

Pictures taken in the bright sunlight but freezing temperatures! We are sure making up for having a warm, mild winter last year! Already two big snows and it’s been below freezing for days now.

IMG_8322 IMG_8321

Afternoon workout of 30 minutes on the gazelle- I am looking forward to seeing how my FitBit records gazelle time since I have always wondered. Zach booted up his FitBit today so I am sensing a little future friendly competition! 😉 Though I am irked to no end that simply for being male and more than 40 lbs. heavier his resting calorie burn is eons higher than mine. In fact, even with me getting up 2 hours before him and moving around most of that time while he still slept, we had almost the same calorie burn when he got up. Sigh, I suppose I’ll just have to work extra hard if I want any glory!! 🙂


*I wanted to add that I just finished my gazelle workout and burned 137 calories! That’s not too bad!*


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