1 Jan

Monday Evening

It is absolutely wonderful knowing that I don’t work in the morning. 🙂 After some lazing around, showering, getting ready, card playing and the like this afternoon Zach and I finally got ready for our fancy dinner at the one nicer restaurant in Muncie – Vera Mae’s!


We had reservations thankfully on a super-packed restaurant night for a prix-fixe dinner. We were offered choices on each course for a four course New Year’s dinner. First though we ordered a bottle of champagne to split, you know champagne is for celebrating!!


For our first course I ordered shrimp cocktail and Zach got a blood orange caramel brie with pita appetizer.

DSCF9012 DSCF9013

I was worried about this being a 4-course dinner and having way too much food, but thankfully the portions were small. My shrimp cocktail had only 3 shrimp for which I was very thankful! Our second course was a sweet-pea soup that we were slightly skeptical of but still hopeful for.


Verdict? AMAZING! I even said at the end of the meal that I would rather have another cup of pea soup than a dessert. It was THAT. GOOD. For my entree I had the portobello ravioli:

DSCF9017 DSCF9019

Zach had a pork medallion a la caponata.


I definitely thought my dinner was the winner. 😉 I did NOT finish this though. I boxed up a good portion of it because, as I knew I would, I was getting totally stuffed. When our beautiful desserts came out, bread pudding and a chocolate charlemagne respectively:

DSCF9020 DSCF9021

I only ate a couple of bites of dessert before boxing that up as well. Just because it’s New Years does not mean that I need to blow all my conscious eating! After we finished up our lovely, romantic dinner we headed back home and Steven came over and we had a little wine.

When Mom and Dad picked us up we all headed to the Village Inn where Dad’s band was playing for New Year’s. Good thing we had tickets because it was PACKED. There was no better way to ring in the new year with my parents and two of my very best friends in the world. (Double bonus that one was my husband.) Throughout the night I had a couple cranberry and vodkas (really wanted wine but they didn’t have any!), a small champagne toast at midnight and Steven got us a “shot” for the new year. I say shot because I do not take shots (typically gross and unnecessary since I am not drinking to try to get drunk) but this is a very weak one called a pancake shot that you drink with orange juice and it just tastes like pancakes and maple syrup!


DSCF9072 DSCF9078

Our night in pictures…

DSCF9030 DSCF9033 DSCF9037 DSCF9046 DSCF9050 DSCF9060 DSCF9062 DSCF9063 DSCF9068 DSCF9070 DSCF9083 DSCF9086 DSCF9092 DSCF9100


HAPPY 2013!!!!!!!!!


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