31 Dec

Monday Afternoon

On the way to brunch this morning Heather and I both had a hard-boiled egg to get a little protein in, since brunch is normally a carb-fest. Delicious yes, but still a carb-fest!


Heather always peppers her hard-boiled eggs so I did too and it was good! Not sure why I haven’t done this before since I seem to like pepper on everything. At Aunt Cindy’s I fixed myself a plate of food and was perfectly satisfied after eating this:


Fruit, one smoky link and a little french toast casserole. I could have eaten a little more but I didn’t NEED to eat anymore, so I refrained. 🙂 After visiting and time going way too fast it was time for Heather, John and Aunt Teresa to head back to Tennessee. We had initially thought they were staying through New Year’s but then found out they were heading out today. It was sad to see them go but we had such a lovely visit and Zach and I are actually going to see Heather and John in just a few weeks!


Once back to Muncie I went straight to the gym before they closed. I did 25 minutes on the treadmill at an incline (153 calories) followed by 10 minutes on the arc trainer (44 calories). I wanted to run some more today but after the long (for me) run yesterday and the Shred my left leg was starting to act up again. I iced it last night which was the first time I have done that when it hurts and I think it helped a little but I didn’t want to take any chances today. Now we’re hanging out and getting ready for New Year’s Eve!!!


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