29 Dec

Friday Night

I have thought for a while that some of the gym machines do not accurately track my calories burned but I had no idea JUST how far off it was! I did the treadmill at a 15 incline for 30 minutes and this is the exercise I have always thought was the most wrong because it always tells me I have burned a huge amount when I don’t feel I have worked that hard. Tonight my machine said 385 calories. The FitBit said…153!! Less than half! I am going to love having this little tracking buddy. 🙂

After the gym I got ready and we headed over to Hartford City for a dinner with our family that had just arrived up from Tennessee. I started with a little snack plate (dessert plate sized):


Some cheese and crackers, veggies, a couple cheeses and a little tasting of dessert. Then when the Pizza King arrived (always Pizza King with my family 🙂 ) I made a second plate.


After this I had one and a half more slices of pizza and a few more nibbles off the table, mostly cheese and crackers. I tried to stay away from the table though and avoided the alcohol completely. We had a great night and time got away from us and when we looked outside it was snowing like crazy!

IMG_8189 IMG_8191 IMG_8192


We took off for Muncie right away with John and Heather behind us. We did really well until we were close to home and got rerouted because someone’s car went into a creek. We had to head off on a side road that ended in a cul de sac where we promptly got stuck off the road. It took John and some other guy who stopped to help to get Zach back on the road- quite an adventure! Heading to bed now for the gym in the morning!


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