29 Dec

Saturday Evening

After lunch we all did a side-by-side comparison of a merlot with my new aerator. Again the aerated version definitely beat out the initial pour, love this thing! We had a couple glasses of wine:


and played several games. We had such a blast and then headed outside to take some fun snow pictures and proceeded to get pretty wet…

IMG_8216 IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8223 IMG_8227 IMG_8228

My grandma and grandpa (Dad’s parents) took us all out to dinner at MCL tonight and I got a little value plate:


A small tilapia, broccoli and some red potatoes. I turned down the roll that came with it, but I did have different bites of other people’s food. 🙂 When we got back home we played a few more games, it’s one of our favorite things to do! After some Sequence and Cranium and our new favorite game, Blink, we ended the game wars for the evening and popped in The Hunger Games. John and Heather haven’t seen it yet and I’m excited to share it with them. 🙂 We had picked up some snacks at Concannons to have this evening and I had a brownie chocolate tower thing.


This was pretty big though and overly sweet, so I didn’t eat it all. Now I’m going to pay attention to the movie and stop typing… see you tomorrow! 🙂


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