26 Dec

Wednesday Morning

I woke up a little before 3 to use the restroom…no snow yet. Woke up again around 7…no snow. When we finally got up around 10 (latest I have slept in a long time!!)…there was snow! Not nearly as much as had been predicted, but it is still coming down, not to mention blowing, so we will see how it is as the day goes on. It was heavenly to take my time waking up this morning and not having to work. 🙂

When we finally got moving I had a bowl of Fiber One bran with Maranatha PB in this beautiful, deep mug Mom got me for Christmas.

IMG_8149 IMG_8150

You will be seeing lots of new dishes and backdrops in the weeks to come. 🙂 Now I am spending the morning catching up on blog posts and straightening up this house! Time to find places for all the lovely new things. I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and are staying safe whatever your weather may be!


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