26 Dec

Wednesday Afternoon

Whew! Finally blogging in real time again! 🙂 Feels nice to be caught up. Our house is almost caught up as well (which is good because we have company coming in just a couple of days!). The snow has continued to come down and Zach, being the wonderfully sexy man he is shoveled the driveway out so I could drive to the gym. (He also did all the thousands of dishes from baking and cooking and having 7 people over yesterday before I could even blink!) Guess what? They gym was closed. Such a bummer! The roads really were rough though so I suppose I am not surprised, my low-traction light was on in the car the whole drive. So instead I came back home and popped in my Shred DVD and did a level 3! Better than nothing I suppose. 🙂

You know, I used to be SUCH a sweets fanatic. I craved and wanted all things snacky and desserty but somewhere this year that has changed and I think I am completely a savory person now. I have had almost an entire ice cream cake in my freezer for days and have had no more than one sliver. I have a gorgeous peppermint cheesecake that I didn’t even taste/lick the bowl during all the baking and haven’t really given much though since my piece yesterday. BUT I know I have extra pasta with sauce in the fridge and it’s calling to me so much I almost had some for breakfast! Haha I wonder when and how this happened…

Anyway I of course had to have a bowl of leftover pasta for lunch:

IMG_8151 IMG_8152


Now THAT was satisfying. 🙂 Continuing to enjoy my unexpected day off now…


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