26 Dec

Tuesday Afternoon

Present opening was done just in time to rush around and prepare lunch. Yet another tradition is to have my family over for lunch on Christmas Day- Mom and Dad, Grandma and Larry and my great-grandma Marion. We have the same thing every year, partially because it’s easy and partially because we love it! Mom brings over salad and I make rolls, shrimp cocktail, tricolor rotini with alfredo sauce and then a dessert. Here’s the lovely salad dressed with Italian:


Then my plate (no rolls for me, I cut back where I can and that area was NOT dessert 😉 ).


I had a little more pasta before it was time to serve everyone a thin slice of cheesecake. I made the pieces small but they are SO rich that it was still hard to finish!

We then did Christmas with Grandma Marion as well as the cats since Mom bought them treats and a laser pointer. 🙂



IMG_0251 IMG_0257 IMG_8142 IMG_8141

Once the grandparents left Mom, Dad, Zach and I settled in with some drinks and new board games and had a fun Christmas afternoon.

IMG_8144 IMG_8146


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