24 Dec

Monday Afternoon

Got in a good last workout before all the Christmas festivities! I did another 10-10-10-10 routine which worked out well because the gym was PACKED this morning and I didn’t want to hog any machine too long. First was elliptical for 110 calories. Treadmill was next for 131 and I was booking it! Every minute in I took my speed up one setting and felt like I was flying by the end! Arc trainer was after my run for 121, I would normally burn more on the arc trainer but I was recovering from flying. 🙂 Ended with the bike for 30 calories. I never burn as much on the bike and I was going especially slow today because I was worn. out. Glad to have done all that before the meals that are coming!

Lunch was small in light of an early dinner tonight- just a 3 strawberries, a slice of toast and an egg.

IMG_7957 IMG_7959

Though I could never say JUST an egg, an egg is always incredible! 🙂

IMG_7960 IMG_7958

Now I am going to spend a good portion of my afternoon making my detailed dessert. Step one from yesterday is complete! Merry Christmas Eve 🙂


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