24 Dec

Monday Morning

Weird typing Monday. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! I was not hungry for breakfast this morning and could not think of anything I wanted. I had to eat though because I am heading to the gym right away and know my body needs some fuel. Finally I settled on a piece of ice cream cake.

JUST KIDDING! Haha, you probably believed me though since that was my “lunch” yesterday. No, I actually decided on a Kashi granola bar.

IMG_7954 IMG_7955

These bars are Zach’s and I have never had one. I am not a big “bar” person but for this morning it was quick and easy so I went with it. I wouldn’t say it was good but it wasn’t bad either. Check it out:


🙂 Yay! Although tonight is really a huge Christmas for us as well. Lots of traditions in the evening ahead! I am so very excited but now I have to get to my gym before it closes!!


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