23 Dec

Sunday Afternoon

I want to type Saturday because that is what it feels like! Hooray for two more days off after this one! After church this Zach and I ran to the store to pick up all the ingredients I needed to make our traditional Christmas day dinner as well as a pretty spectacular dessert you will be seeing soon.

Once home I had lunch.

IMG_7908 IMG_7909

Haha, or I guess you could say “lunch.” We don’t have a whole lot of food around and for convenience sake and also because I wanted a slice, I had a piece of Zach’s ice cream cake. It was divine. 🙂 Ice cream cake is one of my favorite treats and we only have it about once a year. I especially love the fudge and cookie crumble part. I kept my piece pretty thin if that helps…:)

Once I was finished with “lunch” I headed to the gym for a good workout. I got on the arc trainer and told myself to stay on for 500 calories. I was done in just 35 minutes! I think I must have been on a sugar high. Now I’ve got some things to do, including getting started on the Christmas day dessert. It’s a pretty intensive process that takes 3 days total! Super excited about our evening with Mom and Dad tonight!


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